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Druml is an Open Source project that helps to manage hundreds of Drupal sites. It was originally built in Georgetown University to simplify and automate DevOps workflows.

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Simplify deployments

Batch multiple Drush commands and run them for several sites in a row.

Increase productivity

Run multiple jobs at the same time while focusing on your work.

Integrate with Acquia

Use Druml to run Acquia Cloud API commands.

Extend functionality

Use API to extend Druml for your needs. It's Open Source!

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Here are some example of how you can use Druml in your deployment and development workflows.

1. Performs multiple Drush commands for all sites running in 3 parallel jobs on production server.

druml remote-drush prod --list=all --jobs=3 "rr" "updb -y" "fra -y" "cc all"

2. Calculates amount of nodes for each site on prod, output result as a CSV file.

druml remote-php prod --list=all --source=php/node-count.php --output=res/node-count.csv

3. Copies DB and files of edited sites from stage environment to production in Acquia Cloud. This command also makes DB backup before execution and flushes Memcache and Drupal cache after.

druml remote-ac-sitesync --list=edited stg prod

4. Copies DB and files from a remote server to a local environment. This command also enabled development modules specified in the configuration.

druml local-sitesync --site=mysite prod

And many more!